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Positive changes and perseverance lead to happiness

Photograph of Lindsay
Lindsay Kenny
Supports and Financial Services Coordinator
Helped Louis improve his life and find a job

Louis has experienced many struggles in his life including homelessness, unemployment, personal issues and medical issues. He was homeless and unemployed when he approached Lindsay Kenny at the Fort McMurray Alberta Works Centre for help. Louis was housed through the Housing First Program and he got help covering his rent and living costs from the Alberta Works Income Support program. Having a place of his own allowed Louis to change his surroundings, move away from bad old habits and start living a healthier lifestyle. It also allowed him to start looking for a job. Louis attended a job fair hosted by Alberta Works in Fort McMurray on March 4, 2017, and found a full-time job as a skilled labourer with a local construction company. Louis is now able to support himself and start building the life that he wants.

When it comes to making positive changes, “it’s not always what you do, it’s what you don’t do,” according to Louis. “My situation has changed positively because of will, want, and perseverance.” Louis says that the positive changes that he has made in the last three months have given him peace of mind. He says he’s happier and healthier - physically and mentally.

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