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Proud to be back in the driver’s seat

Photograph of MalcolmMalcolm was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and emphysema, but he kept working as a water truck driver until he failed a medical exam and was told that he could no longer hold a commercial driver’s license. “I was devastated because I was a truck driver from the time I was 18. I come from a family of truck drivers.” He was prescribed various types of medication which didn’t improve his condition. He got to the point where he was on daily oxygen. “I couldn’t even bend anymore to tie my own shoes because my lungs hurt so badly.” Malcolm’s Career and Employment Consultant referred him to the local Primary Care Network which changed his medication, connected him with specialists, and got him building up his stamina. Malcolm’s health improved significantly as a result and so he was referred to Employabilities, a Government of Alberta funded agency that specializes in helping people with disabilities find employment. Employabilities helped Malcolm with his resumé and got him back into Class One driver training plus his H2S and First Aid courses. With a lot of hard work, and help from a lot of different people, Malcolm has restored his health and quality of life and has found his independence again as a full-time Class One Trucker.

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