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Driving toward success

Photograph of ChristianChristian knew he wanted something more for himself, but he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. He had struggled for many years in workplaces. It was difficult for him to engage with others due to his social skill barriers. He also found his work as a gas pump attendant too face paced. Every day, he would go home feeling disheartened about his future. Through the Government of Alberta’s Employment First Strategy and working with Alberta Works and EmployAbilities, Christian received a customized employment plan that tapped his passions, talents and abilities. Christian loved helping people, running errands and driving. He also had experience transporting vehicles for a car dealership. After researching the needs of the community, he discovered that there was a lack of medical transportation to the city. With all this in mind, owning his own transportation/errand service seemed like a perfect fit. Christian received help to develop a business plan, purchase start up supplies, and training in bookkeeping, First Aid and his class 4 Chauffer License. Christian now owns and operates DASH – a personal transportation service in the Lakeland Area. “It’s a dream come true, I am so excited about the future” Christian says.

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