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Constructing a brighter future

Photograph of Chase
“This program helps people who don’t know
how the world works. They give you guidance
and support that some people never
had before”

For such a young man, Chase has shown so much maturity. Chase left school in grade 11 due to trouble at home. He didn’t think that he needed a high school diploma. He was 18, had just moved out on his own, and was taking care of his younger sister. Chase didn’t have much work experience and was looking for work when he turned to Ballad Consulting Group’s Whitecourt Job Development Program for help. His Employment Consultant helped him with his housing challenges and encouraged Chase to overcome his anxiety about the hands-on shed-building portion of the program. Chase gained confidence in himself and his skills and started to enjoy building the sheds. Chase became the first one to volunteer to go to the shop. He became a mentor to other new students and the Shop Foreman started asking specifically for Chase when he needed help. As part of the program, Chase completed his First Aid, WHMIS, Forklift Operator Training, H2S Alive, Fall Protection, Construction Safety Training, and obtained his Class 7 license. Chase’s employment consultant persuaded him to enroll in an outreach program to complete his grade 12. Chase says that he’s doing it for himself and to show his sister how important education is to move forward with your career. Chase has now completed the program, is taking care of his sister, is scheduled to graduate grade 12 and is working full time in the construction industry.

The Whitecourt Job Development Program is funded by the Government of Alberta
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