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Building his own success

Photograph of Tyler
Tyler Neilsen
Vision Cast Canada

Tyler was the primary earner for his family of five when he was suddenly laid off after years with the same company. He realized that there is some uncertainty with working for other people and he didn’t want to go down that path again. Tyler wanted to have some control over his future and build something of his own. “I saw a gap in the business coaching industry that I thought I could fill.”

Tyler enrolled in the Self-employment Training Program through the Anderson Career Training Institute and started Vision Cast Canada Inc., which provides coaching and consulting help to over 150 individuals and businesses on their journey to success. Tyler is also the published author of the book, Stop Talking… Get it Done!

Tyler has been able to support his family for over six years now and he’s happy that he became his own boss. “I love it. This is the greatest job that I’ve ever had – it’s also the most stable job that I’ve ever had.”

The Self-employment Training Program is funded by the Government of Alberta.

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