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Encouragement from others leads to new career

Photograph of LindaLinda wanted to switch careers from waitress to office administration, but she didn't have any office skills or experience. She found an employer, Drum Diesel, who was willing to hire her as long as she got the training that she needed. Linda approached MH Enterprises for help and entered their Transition to Employment Program. They created an action plan to help Linda upgrade her skills and be successful in an office environment using input from her potential new employer. She took Computer Basics, Excel Level 1, and Sage Accounting. She also accessed Essential Skills and Life Coaching supports. Linda succeeded in her training and was hired full-time by Drum Diesel. She continues to take training courses so she can do all the tasks her new employer needs.

“I was a server for 40 years and now I’m getting 100 per cent on every exam. I never thought that this was possible. I have struggled all my life to get out of the rut I was in. Don't ever think that you can't accomplish something. Darlene, with Drum Diesel, really got everything started for me and with the help of MH Enterprises I am able to set myself up for a positive future."

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