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Ensuring a brighter future

Photograph of Evelinne
Evelinne Teichgraber
Caliber Insurance Brokers

As a single mom with no one else to fall back on, Evelinne felt a great deal of financial pressure to meet her family’s needs. She was burning out at work from unreasonable work expectations and the unequal compensation offered by her employer. Evelinne dreamed of starting her own insurance brokerage where her clients would receive a high level of professional and attentive service. She wanted her business to be a place where she could treat her employees with respect and value. Evelinne finally decided to make her dream a reality. She enrolled in the Self-employment Training Program through the Anderson Career Training Institute and started Caliber Insurance Brokers. Today, Evelinne’s brokerage employs four staff, provides insurance coverage for more than 200 clients and offers insurance seminars to many other customers.

“Graduating from this program through ACTI provided me with the confidence and crucial tools needed to successfully start my own business. I am now a proud owner of a local business that provides employment to other insurance professionals.”

The Self-employment Training Program is funded by the Government of Alberta.

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