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Inspiring artistic confidence

Photograph of Brooklynn
Brooklynn Halfe
Xpressions Arts and Design
Whitefish Lake First Nation

I didn't think I was a great artist. I beaded for a long time before the program, but I never thought my work was good enough to sell. My challenge was mostly self-doubt, not thinking my works could be sold. After attending the Tribal Chiefs Employment and Training Services Association’s Expressions Arts and Design Program, co-funded by Alberta Labour and Indigenous Relations, my situation is very much improved. I have more confidence in my work and how to price it. My bead work even improved as the instructors gave tips and showed me new techniques. Having people see my work and getting to see it in actual packaging and presented in a professional manner is amazing. It really changed my perspective on my work. The program has made me think of my future and it has made me a better artist and entrepreneur. I feel really great in what I learned and even though I plan to go to school, I am grateful for what I learned. I will continue to use what I was taught throughout my journey.

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