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A little help goes a long way

Photograph of MichelleMichelle is a proud accomplished woman. But when her marriage dissolved, she decided she needed a career change and switched from a government job to working as a Scaffolder in Fort McMurray. She loved her new career and was good at it. Everything was going well until the economic slowdown hit Alberta hard. She lost her job, she couldn’t find a new one, and her Employment Insurance was running out. Michelle approached her local Alberta Supports Centre for help. She was upset that she had to ask for help. “I’m 40 years old. I never thought I’d be in this position EVER!” But Michelle was pleasantly surprised by her Career and Employment Consultant. He had dealt with many other people in the same position as her. “It took every bit of strength I had not to cry in front of him. He listened and really seemed to care.” He approved the training that she needed, made some improvements to her resumé and offered additional help with her job search. “He complimented me on my past work experience and said the most amazing and encouraging words, right when I needed it.” Michelle got a job the next week working at a retail store and has since returned to a full-time administration role with the Government of Alberta. Michelle loves her new job and plans to take more training to advance her career.

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