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Accounting for success

Photograph of EricThe instruction in the Self-employment program at Microbusiness Training Centre was very precise. I always knew what I had to do and get done for each class. It was great to talk to the guest speakers, to hear from people who had actually done it and had their own business right then.

I always wanted to be able to complete a business plan, but never had the ability to do so. The course materials that Microbusiness has were perfect to help me move forward. The guidance and personal coaching from the instructors was very helpful to stay on track, make adjustments along the way, and get reassurance that we were on the right track.

At the beginning, there was a lot of struggle to find clients and get the advertising right. But after some encouragement and guidance I was able to create a large network and reach more clients. Thank you to the instructors for always encouraging me to push for more success.

The Microbusiness Training Centre Self-employment program is funded by the Government of Alberta

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