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Cooking up a new career

Photograph of DougDoug was laid off from his oilfield camp job in northern Alberta during the economic downturn and was struggling to find another job when he turned to the Bredin Centre for Learning’s SAGE mature worker employment program for help. Bredin helped Doug explore career options that he would enjoy and would fit his past experience as a general helper in the work camp kitchen. Doug settled on a career goal of working in kitchen at a seniors’ residence. Doug worked on his resumé and job interview skills plus learned computer skills so he could apply for jobs online and email his resumé. Today, Doug is happy to working as a Kitchen Assistant at the Golden Circle Seniors’ Centre.

"When I walked into Bredin initially, I was very discouraged. Bredin has shown the utmost compassion and professionalism over the past two years and has never given up on me when I couldn't find a job. Not only did I find a job, but I found a job that I enjoy going to every day. My overall wellbeing has improved immensely and I appreciate all the help that they offered.”

Employment services at the Bredin Centre for Learning are funded by the Government of Alberta.
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