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Flexible and keeping her options open

Photograph of ZenaIn April 2016, Zena entered The Worx program offered by Prospect Human Services. Zena’s passion was providing care to others with an interest in working with seniors, but due to a severe illness, she had not worked in two years and had physical barriers to employment.

Through The Worx, Zena obtained help with targeted resumé development, interview preparation and life coaching. These skills, a plan for immediate employment and focus on long-term career goals proved a recipe for success.

Immediately, Zena started getting requests for interviews and landed a job at the Calgary International Airport. While employed, Zena was completing courses to certify as a health care aide. Upon graduating, her employment specialist at The Worx arranged an interview for Zena at a senior care facility where she was hired.

For more information about The Worx, visit www.theworx.org.

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