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Finding the right career fit

Photograph of DougDoug’s term as Executive Director of an organization, that helps Albertans with and without developmental disabilities, had come to an end. After a 25-year career with the organization, Doug knew he needed help finding another job that was a good fit for him.

Doug turned to Teamworks Career Centre’s Opening Doors program for help updating his resumé, inventorying all of the skills that he had accumulated during his career, identifying a new career goal, and creating a plan to achieve his goal. Doug quickly learned the value of expanding his networking beyond his current contacts. He also found the time he spent identifying his skills and accomplishments helped him overcome some of the self-doubt that he was feeling. This filled him with a new sense of confidence that he had a lot to offer other employers. Doug set a goal of finding a new career in human resources, services for people with disabilities, or managing a seniors’ lodge.

Doug’s networking paid off. One of the owners of a local waste and recycling company approached Doug about a Human Resources and Safety Coordinator position. Thanks to his involvement with Teamworks, Doug had a current resumé ready to go and sent it within an hour of being approached.

“Leaving an organization after 25 years can feel isolating. At Teamworks, there is a sense of community in working with a group of people and that is important. I wasn’t looking for a particular job or salary. I wanted to find a place where I would be myself. When I walk through the door, I wanted to be able to recognize myself. Fit was important. I could have landed in a lot of different places but I’m glad I landed where I did. Teamworks played a huge part of helping me sort through this because I had the freedom to be myself as I went through the journey.”

Teamworks employment services are funded by Human Services’ Alberta Works program.

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