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Independent and strong

Photograph of ChristineChristine is a hardworking Albertan who has overcome a string of challenges over the past 28 years. She spent two years recovering in hospital after a tobogganing accident when she was nine years old. Her brain injury affects her reading abilities and she struggles with spelling and short-term memory. Christine overcomes these challenges by writing down information and instructions. She has worked on and off most of her life—primarily as a cleaner.

Christine approached JobLinks in August 2015 for help with her latest job search. Her Employment Specialist met with her weekly—helping her create a new resumé, research potential employers and practice for job interviews. Her specialist even arranged a job interview with the Coast Hotel. Christine impressed the interviewer with her experience and pleasant personality.

Christine was hired by the hotel and has been working full-time hours for over six months. Hotel management has commended her and said they are happy with her performance.

“This opportunity has helped me become an independent and stronger person. It makes me happy having a paycheque coming my way on a regular basis. Having my job keeps me fresh because I learn something new every day. I like working with my peers and supervisors. I totally enjoy my job every day.”

The JobLinks Employment Centre is funded by Human Services’ Alberta Works program.

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