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Overcoming challenges

Photograph of WendyWendy, a single mother of two children, had spent years assisting children and adults living with disabilities. The work was rewarding, but physically taxing. Health issues sidelined Wendy’s career for eight years. When she finally felt well enough, Wendy wanted to get back to work, but she was facing a number of challenges, including: limited mobility, inability to lift clients, fatigue, high stress levels and frequent medical appointments. Wendy turned to Being Human Services for help.

“Being Human Services helped me transition from medical patient to employee. They opened my eyes to a variety of career options that I was interested in and qualified to do. They helped me adjust my routine, build up my physical stamina, and confront my fears. They also advocated for me—finding employers willing to work around my challenges.”

Wendy had always enjoyed working in a day care setting—she says she feels complete there.

Being Human Services helped Wendy find a job at a day care that includes no heavy lifting, time to rest, and flexibility to attend her medical appointments.

Wendy has been working full-time for six months now. Her employer is giving her opportunities to continue her education and her health benefits will be starting soon.

“I am proud of my accomplishments and proud that I am able to support my family. I love waking up in the morning and having a place to go where I feel valued as an employee and I am grateful Being Human Services has been there to provide supports throughout this process.

Being Human Services is funded in part by Alberta Human Services’ Alberta Works Program.

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