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Hiring people with disabilities is a sound business decision

Photograph of JeffJeff, an adult with Attention Deficit Disorder, approached JobLinks for employment assistance in late July after he lost his job when his place of employment closed.

Jeff worked with Joblinks to update his resume, refine his job-interview skills, and earn his food-handling certificate.

Jeff attended the Lethbridge Alberta Works Centre for an on-site recruitment event with the Enmax Centre. Jeff came prepared and ready to be interviewed on the spot.

Recognizing his positive attitude, related skills, and keen interest in working for Enmax, the recruiter hired Jeff as a concession worker for the WHL hockey season.

Albertans with disabilities have a 15 per cent lower employment rate than average, which makes them a fantastic hidden pool of talent for employers.

Alberta Works funds Joblinks, and agencies like it, to help people with disabilities upgrade their skills, search for jobs and connect with employers who are hiring.

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