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Working together to achieve success

Photograph of GillianGillian initially started visiting the Alberta Works Centre to access the computers and to socialize with staff and other Albertans. After a few months, Gillian asked if Alberta Works staff could help him find a home. Both of his parents were deceased and he had spent more than five years staying at the local homeless shelter.

Alberta Works staff explored the full range of government and community programs to determine what supports were available to help him.

Today, Gillian is receiving benefits from the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) program and the Assured Income for the Severely Disabled program.

He has a home and is busy with residential activities like meal planning, grocery shopping, and cleaning. He also enjoys going to movies, concerts, and taking guitar lessons.

Gillian is looking forward to seeing his recent appearance in a new documentary covering the issues with homelessness and transiency in his community.

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