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Building a future

Photograph of DavidDavid grew up not liking the traditional school classroom setting. He found it difficult to focus and get through his classes. He was not sure what he wanted to do after completing high school. He felt that college and university were not options for him but he did enjoy working with his hands.

He took the Employment Supports for Persons with Disabilities program offered through Outcome Facilitation which helped him to figure out what type of work he was interested in. David knew it was the right program fit for him because he “liked that the classroom had couches and was a nice comfortable place to learn. We didn’t have to read and do a lot of paper work; we just hung out on the couches and learned through talking.”

He participated in a work experience and at the end of the placement; he was hired at Brooks Lube. It was the first real job that lasted more than a few weeks. David is still working as a shop hand; he is learning how to do basic mechanics work and helps with tow trucks as needed. He has now been able to afford a place for him and his girlfriend and states that he likes being independent and living on his own.

For more information on the Employment Supports for Persons with Disabilities program through Outcome Facilitation, please contact outcomefacilitation@gmail.com

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