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Overcoming disabilities

Photograph of CodyCody had difficulty maintaining employment and finding a job that fit his skills and interests. Cody has a learning disability and receives AISH benefits to help him make ends meet.

Cody felt lost before he attended the Employment Supports for Persons with Disabilities program offered through Outcome Facilitation. But once he started in the program, Cody quickly became a leader within the group. The staff at Outcome Facilitation provided Cody with life skills coaching and helped him learn how to manage his finances. They also provided Cody job coaching via texts and gave him a shaker bed mat so he could wake up on time for work.

Cody is now working as a full-time shop hand with Stroud Oil Field. He’s performing well at work, nearing his goal of financial independence, and is applying to become a welder apprentice with his employer. The employment support program will continue to support Cody with as he completes his apprenticeship.

“I feel good about myself and know I have the skills to work and make good money,” said Cody.

For more information about the Employment Supports for Persons with Disabilities at Outcome Facilitation please contact Katherine at

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