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Moving towards independence

Photograph of BobBob grew up on a First Nation in Southern Alberta. He moved off the reserve, with his father, for the first time in April 2014. Bob and his father did not have a place to live so they stayed at the local shelter for five months.

During that time, they were connected with an outreach housing worker who connected Bob to both housing and the Alberta Works Centre. It was determined that Bob has significant learning disabilities and cognitive deficits, but he was still determined to find employment.

Bob attended every employer connection event in the Alberta Works Centre and in August he was hired for a janitorial position for the summer rodeo and family festival. Bob was very proud of this achievement and purchased a cowboy hat and belt buckle for the position.

In September, Bob and his father found an apartment. Bob continues to work at various jobs and is participating in the Clean Sweep Program three days a week. He begins at 6 a.m. and cleans the downtown streets.

Bob says that he is “pretty happy [about] how far I have come and with all the help and support that has got me here. I am very thankful.”

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