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Managing disability and experiencing the fulfillment of work

Photograph of Marty

Marty worked the majority of his adult life at an industrial bakery until degenerative eye disease led to blindness and forced him to stop working in 2007.

Marty connected with R. Work Group in Grande Prairie wanting to re-enter the work force and regain a sense of purpose. R. Work Group provides integrated services and support to individuals with permanent or long-term disabilities find and maintain employment.

R. Work Group helped Marty identifying his transferable skills find an employer that would accommodate Marty’s visual impairment.  They identified and collaborated with an employer in the pizza business to ensure all accommodations were in place so that Mary could work efficiently and safely.

Marty is driven and resilient. He does not let his disability define him. While it changes how he approaches a task, he has discovered ways around it and still gets the job done. Marty said, “I’m healthy otherwise, I just can’t see.  I know I can do it, I’m just going to have to tweak it a little bit.”

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