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Finding new direction and hope for the future

Photograph of ChrisAfter being laid off from long term employment and suffering through personal loss and grief, Chris fell upon hard times. He went from providing for a family to living on the streets, and was grappling with depression and mental health issues. Chris was finding it difficult to regain a sense of purpose.

Chris connected with R. Work Group to help him on his path back to employment. R. Work Group provides integrated services and support to individuals with permanent or long-term disabilities, with a specialized focus on mental health, to find and maintain employment.

R. Work Group was able to assist Chris with career coaching, interest and aptitude assessments and a transferable skills analysis to help him define his new career path. Chris was successful in getting a job with an employer who recognizes and appreciates the diversity of his skills.

Chris has found new direction through his work and now has something to build on and look forward to. He said, “It probably saved my life in many ways, giving me direction and hope for the future.”

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