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It’s never too late to chase your dream

Photograph of CarlitoWhen Carlito first arrived in Canada in 2008, he had hoped to find employment as a Machinist—the same career that he had practiced in the Philippines.

Due to a lack of current training and relevant work experience at the time, Carlito was unsuccessful and began working as a Housekeeper in a hotel. After six years of working as a Housekeeper, he enrolled in the Millwright Pre- Apprenticeship Training program at Calgary Catholic Immigration Society.

After graduating, Carlito was able to use the up-to-date training and work experience that he gained from the program to find a full-time Machinist position with a local company that he is currently still working with.

Carlito stated that this program, “helped me and all my classmates to have a better job.”

Alberta Works funds Calgary Catholic Immigration Society’s Millwright Pre-Apprenticeship.

For more information about Alberta Works in Calgary please visit, humanservices.alberta.ca/Calgary.

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