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Managing disability and finding enjoyment in work

Photograph of CamIn 2007 Cam suffered severe traumatic brain injury from a motorcycle accident. Cam’s work experience prior to the accident was varied and included work in the oilfield, and real estate. After the accident he tried to return to work in the oilfield but was unable to meet the needs of the job.

In 2012 Cam connected with R. Work Group for help to return to work in a professional role. R. Work Group provides integrated services and ongoing support to persons with permanent or long-term disabilities to find and maintain employment.

Working with R. Work Group, Cam overcame and continues to work on challenges such as organization and time management issues and inability to complete tasks, because of his injury. By using technology and continual use of effective strategies Cam is able to manage and has found employment. Cam was successful in getting a job as a Real Estate Assistant. He also took the initiative to pursue his real estate licence, which he has since received.

Cam said, “I have an internal argument – back and forth – the couch influences me and so does the thought of a second cup of coffee. It seems easier to stay home. I just don’t think it would be more fun.”

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