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Not just athletes need coaching

Photograph of KelseyKelsey was living and working in New Zealand for about five years and was unhappy with short-term jobs.

When the flooding happened in High River, she hurried home to help her parents, but was stuck again in short-term work and considered a new career path.  Referred by a family friend, Kelsey attended McBride Career Group and met with a Career Coach in November 2013.

Passionate about working with animals, her choice of career was pet groomer.  She reworked her resume to highlight her enjoyment working with animals and volunteer work in animal shelters.  She began networking with local grooming companies and kennels.

She obtained work at a doggie daycare and apprenticed with a pet groomer a few months later.

Kelsey said, “McBride gave me the resources and support to research and determine a new and fulfilling career path.”

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Created: 2014-04-02
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