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Never underestimate an opportunity

Photograph of FatimaOriginally from Pakistan, Fatima received minimal education in her home country, which was a barrier to obtaining work in Canada.

She completed Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) at Bow Valley College (BVC).  Struggling with English and looking forward to working in daycare, Fatima enrolled in the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (CIWA) Childcare Training Program in 2013.

She volunteered at a daycare centre to learn the trade hands on.  Fatima was offered a temporary position at a daycare and saw it as an opportunity to enhance her skills by interacting in a Canadian workplace.

Gaining confidence, she showed initiative by learning Portuguese to speak to a preschooler who could only communicate in that language.  She gradually steered the boy to express himself in English.

Her achievements and performance were recognized by the daycare and she was offered a full-time position.

For more information about language training programs at BVC, please visit https://bowvalleycollege.ca.  For more information about CIWA, please visit www.ciwa-online.com.

Created: 2014-04-02
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