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Time Extensions

Under the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Act and the Income and Employment Supports Act, the Minister may extend the time for appealing a decision if the Minister is satisfied that there are apparent grounds for an appeal and that there are reasonable grounds for granting the extension. The Minister has delegated to certain staff of the Appeals Secretariat office the authority to make decisions on time extension requests.

In order to request an extension to the time limit to appeal, the individual must submit a written statement to the Appeals Secretariat office (contact information is listed below) which indicates the date they became aware of the Director’s decision and the reason(s) why he/she could not file a Notice of Appeal within the 30-day time limit. Please mail the written statement to:

Appeals Secretariat
201 Agronomy Centre
6903–116 Street
Edmonton, AB T6H 5Z2

In order for an time extension to be granted, the Minister’s delegate must be satisfied that there are apparent grounds for an appeal and reasonable grounds for the time extension. Once the Minister’s delegate has made his/her decision on the time extension request, the client and the Department will be notified, in writing, whether the extension is granted or not. If it is granted, the Appeals Secretariat will schedule a hearing date and the appeal will proceed to be heard in front of the pertinent Appeal Panel for their decision on the issue under appeal.

Modified: 2017-07-24
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