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Directory of Privacy Impact Assessments

The Ministries of Community and Social Services and Children’s Services are committed to protecting the privacy of the individuals whose data it holds, collects and processes. Accordingly, all projects and policies developed by the Ministries must undergo the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) process*, whereby both Ministries audit and measure its ability to keep safe the personal information in its possession.

The PIA process aims to minimize the risk to individual’s privacy by ensuring compliance with all legal, regulatory, and policy requirements; identifying potential for risk and the resulting effect that would be felt by downstream users; and developing protective and/or alternative processes should the need for mitigation be identified.

The PIA process provides a consistent and structured process. A completed PIA documents assurance to the business area, senior management, the Information and Privacy Commissioner, and the public that privacy requirement have been identified and satisfied. In addition, existing PIAs are regularly reviewed and updated as projects and policies develop, expand, or change in scope in order to maintain ongoing risk mitigation.

*In the event that a proposed project is limited in scope and there are no significant privacy impacts implicated, it may undergo a less intensive review process called a Privacy Scan (PS or Pscan). The end result of a PS is the same as a privacy impact assessment.

Directory of Privacy Impact Assessments – Children’s Services

Directory of Privacy Impact Assessments – Community and Social Services

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