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Frequently Asked Questions

Show Answer What is the purpose of the Great Kids Award?

The Great Kids Award encourages children and youth to continue to connect to their communities and play useful roles within them. The award provides children and youth in Alberta with the awareness that they are valued in their communities for their efforts. It aims to inspire them to continue developing their potential and skills to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. Sharing the stories of these children and youth also inspires other Albertans to reach their potential.

Show Answer Can I nominate my own child?

Ideally nominators should be from outside the child’s immediate family, but nominations from family members and parents are accepted.

Show Answer Can children nominate themselves?

No, children cannot nominate themselves but other Albertans can by submitting a completed nomination package by the nomination deadline.

Show Answer Can I nominate a pair or group of children?

No, a pair or group of children cannot be nominated. The Great Kids Award was created to recognize individual children or youth.

Show Answer When is the deadline?

The deadline for nomination submissions is 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 16, 2018.

Show Answer What if my child is going to be below/above the age range on January 16?

Nominations for children outside of the age range will not be accepted. If the child is too young, feel free to nominate them next year.

Show Answer What if I live in Lloydminster?

As this is a program based out of the Government of Alberta, nominees must be residents of Alberta. As a nominator, you may reside outside of the province, but the child or youth must have an Alberta address.

Show Answer Can I submit more than two letters of support?

The Selection Committee will only be provided with the nominee description and two letters of support. If you send any additional letters, two will be randomly selected and the rest will be discarded. Our office recommends only submitting two that give the most well-rounded picture of why your nominee is a great kid.

Show Answer What is the most reliable method to submit my nomination package?

When applying online or by email, you will receive an email confirming that your nomination was received. If submitting by fax, please fax well in advance of the deadline as the fax line gets very busy. Please call or email the Great Kids Award office to confirm faxes were received and are legible. If submitting by mail, you may want to courier your package or pay for a tracking number. In the past, nominations have arrived by mail weeks after the deadline. You do not need to send your nomination by multiple methods. Choose a reliable method, and then, follow up with the Great Kids Award office to ensure it was received.

Show Answer How do I know if you have received my nomination package?

Unless you submit your nomination online or by email, you will not receive confirmation. If you would like to check whether the Great Kids Award team received your nomination package, please call or email the Great Kids Award office.

Show Answer When will I hear if my child has won?

Recipients of the award will be notified directly by phone in the Spring of 2018. After the award ceremony in May, certificates and letters are mailed to all other nominees.

Show Answer What will the child receive if they win?

Award winners and their families will enjoy a night’s stay at the Fantasyland Hotel, passes to West Edmonton Mall attractions, and some hotel meals. They will also receive a trophy from the Ministry of Children’s Services and a prize from a corporate sponsor at a ceremony in May 2018. They will be invited to attend with their own special guests.

If your nominated child does not win, they will still receive a letter and certificate in the mail recognizing their efforts. Please ensure the address provided is correct and legible.

Show Answer If my child does not win the Award, can I still come to the event in May?

No, it is a closed event. Only the winners, their families and special invited guests are able to attend.

Show Answer If my child does not win the Award this year, can I still nominate him/her next year?

Yes, as long as the child or youth still fits the age range, we encourage nominators to try again next year.

Show Answer Can a child win the award more than once?

No. In order to give everyone a fair chance, winners may only receive a Great Kids Award once in their lifetime.

Show Answer Where can I find more nomination forms?

Nomination forms may be downloaded at If you do not have internet access, please contact the Great Kids Award office to have copies mailed or faxed to you.

Show Answer How long has this event been in existence?

February 2000 was the date of the first Great Kids Award.

Show Answer Who can I contact for more information?

Contact the Great Kids Award team by email at or by phone at 780-422-2165.

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