Métis and Non-Status Bursary Program

The ministry of Human Services may be able to help you pay for your post-secondary education in the social services field.

Bursaries from Human Services are available for full-time or part-time studies. Full-time applicants can be awarded up to $19,200.

The Application Process

Bursary applications are accepted annually from January 1st to May 31st. Registration at a university or college is not required before submitting an application, but confirmation of enrolment will be required before the bursary is awarded. Applications are reviewed and decisions are made in June.

All applicants must:

  • be either Métis or Non-Status Indian
  • have a financial need
  • have been an Alberta resident for at least three years prior to applying
  • demonstrate an investment in, and a commitment to, aboriginal communities in Alberta

Full-time applicants

In addition to the above requirements full-time applicants must:

  • not be receiving a full salary or equivalent during the academic year that funding is being provided
  • be enrolled in a recognized post-secondary institution (community college or university in Canada)
  • provide a “letter of acceptance” and confirmation of full course load (available from your school’s admissions or registrar’s office)

The funding is available to students for three years per program of study to a maximum of eight years.

At the completion of studies, applicants are required to complete a return service commitment with the Government of Alberta or any social service agency in Alberta. (This is not a guarantee of employment.)

Applicants will be required to work 12 months for each year of academic funding and must commence return service commitment within one year of graduation.

Applicants who choose to complete the return service commitment in northern Alberta (as defined by the Northern Alberta Development Council) may be eligible to have the return service commitment reduced by up to 50 percent.

Part-time applicants

Part-time status is defined as no more than two courses per semester.

Courses eligible for funding must be a required course leading to a diploma/degree in a social services program. Applications for part-time funding will have to be made each year funding is needed and is limited to tuition and textbooks.

A learning plan describing courses and timelines for completion must be part of the application.

Return service commitment

Applicants who do not fulfill the return service commitment will be required to repay all granted bursary funding.

Responsibilities of all Bursary Recipients

Your primary responsibility is to focus on your studies, so that you successfully complete your program of study.

Another key responsibility is to ensure that you understand and comply with the terms of the contractual agreement that you are required to sign.

Please Note: Bursaries are considered taxable income under the Income Tax Act, 1972 Canada.

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Download the application package

For further information please contact:

Alberta Human Services
Métis and Non-Status Bursary Program
Attention: Bursary Administrator
2nd Floor Centre West
10035-108 Street
Edmonton AB T5J 3S1
Email: HS.MetisBursary@gov.ab.ca

For descriptions of other awards and scholarships, visit the Alberta Learning Information Service website.

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