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Métis and Non-Status Indian Bursary Program

Are you interested in pursuing a profession that helps individuals, families, groups and communities? Do you have a passion for assisting people in enhancing their personal and collective well-being? A career in the social services field might be right for you!

If you are a Métis or Non-Status Indian student interested or pursuing a post-secondary education in the Social Services field, the Ministries of Children's Services and Community and Social Services may be able to help pay for your diploma or degree in this field.

Program Description

The Métis and Non-Status Indian Bursary Program provides funding to Métis and Non-Status Indian students pursuing a diploma or degree in the Social Services field. “Social Services field” means any program, which is associated with the provision of human services, including but not limited to social work, psychology, psychoeducation, sociology, education, child and youth care, human ecology, anthropology, counselling, community rehabilitation, criminology, addictions and mental health services.

Bursaries are available for both full-time and part-time students. Full time students can receive up to a maximum of $19,400 per year.

Program Objectives

The program has two objectives:

  1. To increase the number of Indigenous people employed in the social services field within the Government of Alberta.
  2. To increase the number of Indigenous people within the social services field in the Alberta community at large.

How the Program Works

The Métis and Non-Status Indian Bursary Program is designed to support Métis and Non-Status Indian students interested in pursuing a career in Social Services. Funding is distributed to students who meet the eligibility criteria.

Bursary applications are accepted annually from January 1st to April 30th. Applications are reviewed and selections are made in May.


  1. A successful application is only valid for one school year
  2. Supporting documents are necessary for all applications
  3. The bursary program has a limited budget and as such does not have the capacity to provide funding to every student who applies for funding, even if they meet the program of study and other eligibility criteria.
  4. Closing date for bursary applications is April 30th.

Who Is Eligible

All Applicants must:

  • be either Métis or Non-Status Indian
  • have demonstrated financial need
  • have been an Alberta resident for a minimum of one year prior to applying
  • demonstrate an investment in, and a commitment to, Indigenous communities in Alberta

Full-time applicants

  • must be enrolled in a minimum 2-year diploma or undergraduate academic program in a social services discipline at any recognized post-secondary institution (community college or university in Alberta).
    • Undergraduate students – must be enrolled in at least three full time credit courses per semester
    • Masters and Doctorate programs are not considered
  • must provide confirmation of full-time registration available from the school’s Admissions or Registrar’s office, prior to the start of each semester
  • students with a disability affecting academic performance – at least two full credit courses per term
    • students with disabilities who require the accommodation of a reduced course-load (less than three courses per semester), must submit documentation to be considered full-time (see How to Apply)
  • must not be receiving a full-time salary or equivalent during the academic year that funding is being provided
  • funding per student is limited to a maximum of 60 months

Part-time applicants

  • must be enrolled in no more than two courses per semester in a social-services program of study (minimum 2 years) at any recognized post-secondary institution (community college or university in Alberta)
  • must provide confirmation of part-time registration (available from your school’s admissions or Registrar’s office), prior to the start of each semester
  • must be taking courses that are part of a social-services program of study

Selection Criteria

  • The applicant is of Métis and Non-Status Indian ancestry. Confirmation of heritage includes:
    • Métis – Written confirmation, a photocopy of membership card from a Métis Association/Organization or copy of application for membership.
    • Non-Status Indian – Copy of response to application of Status recognition made to Indian and Northern Affairs Department (Canada) confirming you are a Non-Status Indian
  • The applicant has good academic standing (a minimum 2.5 grade point average or C+ grade equivalent) at the time of application. Returning applicants maintain a good academic standing in the related program of study.
  • The applicant demonstrates a financial need
  • The applicant is enrolled in a recognized post-secondary institution in Alberta
  • Must be a Diploma/Undergraduate Degree program in the Social Services field (Post graduate level Master’s Degree/ PhD programs not covered)
  • Proof of reduced course-load due to a disability (less than 3 courses per semester) – if applicable

Please note: Students will not be eligible for a bursary to repeat a course or academic year, for which a bursary has already been received.

How to Apply

Students submitting an application must complete the following in order to be eligible for funding:

  1. A completed, signed and dated application form for each academic year.
  2. Reference forms – two required, one education and one employment reference
  3. Transcripts – official transcripts from the educational institution, most recently attended – high school, college or university
  4. Proof of full-time/part-time registration in a community college or university in Alberta
  5. Supporting evidence of Métis and Non-Status Indian ancestry
  6. Proof of dependents (under 18) – photocopy of birth certificates or Alberta Health Card
  7. Social Insurance Card – for income tax purposes
  8. Applicants with a disability that affects academic performance must provide one of the following documents explaining academic performance limitations:
    • verification of receipt or qualification for federal or provincial assistance for persons with disabilities; or
    • a medical certificate from a licensed medical practitioner e.g. physician or specialist; or
    • a learning disability assessment
    (Note: Medical documentation must be signed and certified by the prescribing medical practitioner.)

Returning Applicants

  1. You must provide a completed renewal application for each academic year as well as proof of academic enrolment.
  2. Most recent transcripts –official transcripts from the educational institution recently attended
  3. If you have a disability affecting academic performance you must provide a current document stating disability and academic limitations. (see How to Apply for information on documentation required)
  4. PLEASE NOTE: Closing date for applications is April 30th.

Responsibilities of All Bursary Recipients

  • Maintain good academic standing
  • Successfully complete the program
  • Comply with terms and conditions of Grant Agreement
  • Contact the bursary office immediately if personal information has changed or a change in circumstances occurs. Failure to notify the bursary office may affect funding.

Additional Information

  1. Supporting documentation
    The Métis and Non-Indian Status Bursary Program office reserves the right to verify the information provided on the application. Inconsistencies may result in a reassessment or cancellation of the applicant’s grant. Applicants may be required to provide additional supporting documentation at the discretion of the Ministers of Children's Services and Community and Social Services or the Ministers' representatives.
  2. Award amounts
    The amount granted depends on the level of funding available each year, the number of applicants and the relative need of the applicants. There are maximum funding limits and not all recipients will receive the maximum amount.

    Recipients may be provided a maximum amount based on meeting the above mentioned eligibility and criteria requirements and the length of the study period.

    • If you are a full time student and have dependent children, you can receive up to $19,400 per year.
    • If you are a full time student and do not have dependent children, you can receive up to $10,990 per year.
  1. Bursaries are considered taxable income under the Income Tax Act, 1972 Canada. T4A slips are mailed every February to grant recipients.

Download the bursary application package

Frequently Asked Questions

For further information please contact:

Children’s Services/Community and Social Services
Métis and Non-Status Indian Bursary Program
Attention: Bursary Administrator
7th Floor, Park Plaza
10611-98 Avenue
Edmonton AB T5K 2P7

For information on other awards and scholarships, visit the Alberta Learning Information Service website.

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