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Anne and Margie

Photograph of Margie and Anne preparing their mother’s favorite family recipe during a recent visit.
Margie and Anne preparing their mother’s favorite family recipe during a recent visit.

Anne’s story:


September is a very special month as it marks the time that two sisters were united for the first time.

In September 2011 after much help through the Alberta Post Adoption Registry, we spoke to each other for the first time. It was overwhelming, amazing, scary and unbelievable all wrapped up together. There were many emotions and the culmination of 17 months of searching and encouragement through the Registry. An innocent email I received the previous year had asked the question, what ever happened to my sister? Since I grew up an only child, learning that I had a sister came as a shock was an understatement. During the next 17 months, I worked every day on some aspect of the search. People say I was tireless but to me it seemed just what anyone would do with such a gift.

Adoption is such a multi-faceted topic and we have learned so much along the way. Our reunion has been one of joy, one of learning to trust the love and one of learning to BELIEVE!

Margie’s story:

Anne is my angel who I have grown to love and respect a lot. After three years of weekly phone calls and several visits, I am no longer suspicious that she will abandon me. I grew up in a dysfunctional family that deserted me when I turned 17. I experienced daily abuse so meeting Anne at 61 and being welcomed into her loving family proved difficult for me to bear at times. I wrote angry letters to test her love (even talking on the phone proved scary at first.) Despite my “push pull attitude”, Anne stayed the course showing patience, kindness and infinite love. “My love is unconditional she’d say.” We’ve been united with our brother and we grow closer each day. We get on like a house on fire! This September we had a reunion at my sister’s home where I met my gorgeous, sweet-spirited brother-in-law Ross, nephew Anthony (so handsome and gregarious) and his devoted unconventional family.

Families come in all shapes, sizes and descriptions. My family has taught me a lot about the healing effects of love on the human psyche. This reunion has afforded many special memories that I shall keep close to my heart.

If you are reading this and have embarked on your own search or are about to, we wish you much success and happiness.

Margie & Anne

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