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Michael, Karen and Bruce

Adoptee Michael, Birth Mother Karen and Birth Brother Bruce
Reunited in January 2012

Photo of Adoptee Michael and Birth Mother KarenJanuary 2012, I (Karen) got a phone call from Fran telling me my son was searching for me. I’d waited 45 years for this phone call and was practically speechless at first, then happy tears. Four days later we met in person. Since then we’ve been communicating regularly and see each other when we can.

I (Michael) didn’t know I was adopted until Sept 2011 and soon after began my search. Because Karen had registered with the Post Adoption Agency in 2005 with hopes of being reunited, the ability for us to be connected was possible and through the Agency our match was made.

Michael and I celebrated our birthdays together this year, which was so special for me after thinking I’d never see him.

We are so happy to be in each other’s lives now. This experience has been very positive for both of us.

Michael and half-brother Bruce along with their families have met, and my boys hope to get together again soon – not easy with both raising families and living in different cities. But they too have made a connection and like spending time together. Mama’s very happy – love my boys!

Through our reunions, Fran has been there for our family offering helpful advice and direction.

Fran, your patience, kindness, and assistance has been and is still much appreciated.

Karen and Michael

Photo of Adoptee Michael and Birth Mother Karen

Photo of Adoptee Michael, Birth Mother Karen and Birth Brother Bruce

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