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Tracey, Steven and Cora

Adoptee Steven and Birth Sisters Tracey & Cora
Reunited in 2008

I’d just like to thank Wesley for connecting Cory and Tracey my older sisters to me. I was born with the information that I had two older sisters adopted into 2 different homes before I was adopted and then I too was adopted with my younger sister into another family. I registered about 4-5 years ago and last Aug I was able to make first contact with the older sister.

I have to say I’m speechless as it was such a good yet surreal first week. And then I had the chance to fly over to Toronto and meet them for the first time. I had a blast. Other then going over the usual things like hobbies and favorites likes/dislikes, we went to the zoo, CN Tower, camped did a bit of a road trip and spent time with the kids…Oh the kids, I gained 4 Nieces and 3 Nephews! Jumped right into a big family, but I can’t say thank you enough for reuniting us.


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