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Gordon and Birth Family

Sibling Ian, Adoptee’s Daughter Liana, Adoptee Gordon, Birthmother Lenore and Sibling Neal
Reunited in 2008

The basic story is a love story. I’ve been to meet his family, and stayed for two weeks looking after the kids while Gordon’s wife was away. We are meeting again at Thanksgiving, at our youngest son’s home. All our grandchildren, their fathers, and one of Gordon’s children will be there, too.

It’s quite a story so far, Gordon’s adoptive mom and I have become good friends. My husband and I have taken Gordon’s middle daughter to raise for the next three years. We all believe that coming together when we did was part of God’s plan for all of us. Not quite the peaceful retirement with sun and travel we anticipated, but the whole family loves this child and her father. We are grateful to adoption reunion for making it possible.


PID: 15629