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Alice and Donna

Adoptee Alice and Birth Sister Donna
Reunited in 2008

I am writing this to let you how things have gone since February. Alice and I kept in contact through email. I sent her pictures of the family (Mom, my brothers and sister), and information on Mom’s background. The August long weekend Alice came and spent two nights with us. I thought she was very brave doing this, not knowing us. Everything went well.

The first night she met two cousins from Calgary. The next day we went to Joyce’s (my sister) for a barbeque where she met brother Bob and another cousin. She has seven nieces and three nephews. She fit in well, and seemed very comfortable around us. There were many similarities, some in actions, the enjoyment of gardening and crafts. Thank you so much for the work you put into contacting Alice and I. I am so thrilled to have met her and believe at this point it will be a lasting friendship. I am sending a picture taken at sister Joyce’s near Elnora.


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