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Renee and Philip

Adoptees Renee and Philip
Reunited in October 2009

Wow, where to start? It has been a whirlwind of emotions ever since I checked the messages on my parents answering machine, back in October. I remember clearly, as I will for the rest of my life, when I was told I had a sister out there who was anxious to meet me. Both Renee and I had no idea about each other, and we were both thinking that it was our older brother we would be meeting. I was pleasantly surprised!!!

Renee and I talked/emailed almost every day for hours and enjoyed getting to know each other, laughing and discussing our similarities/differences and exchanging photos. However, we really wanted to meet each other in person so we made arrangements to do so! I flew out to Edmonton in mid December and spent a week there. It was such an amazing time! I was so nervous when I initially met her, but soon after it felt as though we had known each other all our lives! We enjoyed meeting each others families, friends and heard more than several times that we have similar personalities, idiosyncrasies and physical looks. Now we are just anxious to seek out our birth mother and older brother !!!

Renee and her kids came out to visit their good friends in Vancouver last week and she came out to the island to visit for a day. Again we had a wonderful time and packed in as much as we could! Even though Renee and I have only known each other for around three months, we are inseparable! We share the same energy, attitude, sense of humour and there is never a dull moment! Everything has been so amazing, and the only thing that is difficult is the distance, as it was so tough to say goodbye! We just want to keep the momentum going. I am working on February to come visit again! Plenty of emails and phone calls in the meantime!!

This whole experience has left me feeling that: We are so fortunate that our birth mother wanted the best for us, fortunate that we were raised in stable, nurturing and loving environments and so fortunate to now be a part of each other's families and lives! I'm looking forward in the near future to get to know Renee better and together finding more about our family and where we came from.

Renee and I would like to thank you so much Fran for your effort, care, professionalism and advice on uniting us! It has been the most amazing thing to happen to me in my life and thanks for being a part of it. We would like to send our story in hopes that it touches fellow adoptees, those who may be apprehensive in registering, and for those who just want to listen! I am so excited about my experience and proud of my sister I want to tell everyone I can!!

Thanks again Fran!!


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