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Kathy and Judy

Adoptee Kathy and Birth Mother Judy
Reunited in 2010

Judy and Cam met me at the Calgary airport. It was after 8pm Calgary time so I was quite tired as it was after 10pm my time. I had arranged for a motel that night. Judy and Cam took me for some food then they went to their son's while I got settled into the motel. The plan was to get an early start for Edmonton where we'd meet the other two brothers and wives.

The next day, the oldest boy, Richard drove us to Edmonton. Judy and I were able to sit in the back and look at pictures that I had brought with me. The 3 hours drive seemed a lot shorter with all the stories told and pictures to share between us.

We arrived in Edmonton and after a tour to see where Judy and Cam's childhood neighbourhoods were, we checked into our Motel, the Super 8 South Edmonton. The staff were very accommodating as my room was upgraded to a suite and moved closer to the rest of the families rooms.

As the boys and wives had arrived, one from Ft. McMurray and one from Lloydminster, we went for dinner then spent a lovely evening getting to know each other in the comfortable living area of my room. Lots of stories and pictures to go around until the wee hours.

I think we all had a positive time. A few short hours but lots of laughter, stories, and relationships being built.

The next day we had to travel our separate ways again. Richard drove again but this time back to Calgary where we were able to meet Richard's wife and family. Cam then took over driving and off we go to Raymond.

The balance of the week getting to know each other, touring around etc. I was truly in the land where the buffalo roam and the deer and antelope play. But also in the company of lovely people, Judy and Cam who bravely took me in for a week, allowed me into their heart and home after 45 long years.

Thank you for your help in our meeting Wesley.

Kathy and Judy

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