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Hattie and Faye

Adoptee Hattie and Birth Sister Faye
Reunited in 2012

I first applied to find my birth father in 2001. My ex moved us so many times I eventually forgot, thinking no one would be able to find me anyway. In 2007 I left my ex and started dating Garry. The first time we went to visit his niece in Grimshaw, Faye and I talked for hours about finding our respective birth families. When he proposed in 2010, he said he wanted his niece and her husband to stand up for us, so when they came to visit at Christmas we made plans for the wedding. In February of 2011, I received a letter from the post adoption registry asking me to call. When I phoned she asked if I was interested in meeting family other than my birth father. I was excited. After exchanging info Fran called me again and said “you have a sister and her name is Faye”. I thought “no way”. When she said her last name I was laughing and crying at the same time. My fiancé’s adopted niece was actually my half sister! Since then we had a beautiful wedding, and I have met more family. We see my “new” uncle quite often and one of my cousins is actually friends with my oldest son.

PID: 15623