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Loreley and Rollin

Adoptees Loreley and Rollin
Reunited in 2012

Hi Fran

It has been just over a year since you had given me Rollin’s info and we started emailing, calling and he learnt to text so we could talk daily.

My husband and I have just arrived home from Alberta this afternoon, a trip we had planned to meet the “younger brother”. We spent a week together and it was fantastic. Rollin is all I could have wished for and more in a brother. It is amazing to see the similarities in our faces and personalities. His wife and kids are great and very welcoming. It was devasting to leave and come home. I have attached a picture of us at Lake Louise.

Thanks for linking us up together.


Hi Fran

Like my big sister Loreley said we have been in contact for just over a year. Which started with a few e-mails then we talked on the phone a few times then we started to text each other every day which we still do everyday. I have had my name in the registry for a number of years then found out a few years ago I had a sister. Then a year ago we finally connected. We seemed to get along a lot on the phone and text. I think we have a lot of the same interests and the similarities are amazing. It worked out for Loreley and her husband George to come out for a visit. It was great, never knew I would have an older sister but I’m sure glad I do now. Loreley is the perfect sister, everyone I have showed our picture to can’t believe how much we look alike. As far as getting along I don’t think it could have gone any better, a week they were here just went by, I hated to see them leave for home it was like we knew each other forever. I’m really glad we finally met, it was great wish I would have met her along time ago.


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