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Reading List

Image of a stack of booksAdoption Reunions: A Book for Adoptees, Birth Parents and Adoptive Families. McColm, Michelle. Toronto, ON: Second Story Press, 1993.

Being Adopted: The Lifelong Search. Brodzinksy, David M., Schechter, Marshall D. and Marantz Henig. Robin. New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group Inc.

Birth Bond: Reunions Between Birthparents and Adoptees: What Happens After. Gediman, Judith S. and Brown, Linda P. New Jersey: New Horizon Press, 1989.

Birth Mother Trauma: A Counselling Guide for Birthmothers. Carlini, Heather. Sannichton, BC: Morning Side Publishing, 1992.

Birthright: The Guide to Search and Reunion for Adoptees, Birthparents and Adoptive Parents. Strauss, Jean. Viking Penguin, 1994.

Courageous Blessing: Adoptive Parents and the Search. Demuth, Carol L. Garland, Texas: Aries Center, 1993.

Dear Mom, I’ve Found My Birthmother: An Adoptive Parents’ Guide to the Scariest Thing in the World. Moses, Susan. Lynnwood, WA: Jungle Publications, 1990.

Journey of the Adopted Self: A Quest for Wholeness. Lifton, Betty Jean Basic, 1994

Out of the Shadows: Birth Fathers’ Stories. Mason, Mary M. Edina, MN: O.J. Howard Publishers, 1995.

Preparing for Reunion: Adopted People, Adoptive Parents and Birth Parents tell Their Stories. Editorial Team, The Children’s Society. United Kingdom: The Grange Press, 1994.

Sibling Reunions: A Letter to those Who Have Been. Severson, Randolph W., Dallas, TX: House of Tomorrow Productions, 1992.

Stories of Adoption: Loss and Reunion. Blau, Eric. Portland, OR: New Sage Press, 1993.

Gone to an Aunt’s: Remembering Canada’s Homes for Unwed Mothers. Petrie, Anne. Toronto, ON: McClelland & Stewart, the Canadian Publishers, 1998.

May The Circle Be Unbroken: An Intimate Journey into the Heart of Adoption. Franklin, Lynn C with Ferber, Elizabeth. Harmony Books, New York, New York, 1998.

The Girls Who Went Away: The Hidden History of Woman Who Surrendered Children for Adoption in the Decades Before Roe v. Wade. Fessler, Ann. Penguin, 2006

Twenty Life-Transforming Choices Adoptees Need to Make by Sherrie Eldridge (2003)

Telling the Truth to Your Adopted or Foster Child: Making Sense of the Past by Betsy Keefer & Jayne E. Schooler

Adoption Healing....a Path to Recovery by Joe Soll

Adoption Healing....a Path to Recovery for Mothers Who Lost Children to Adoption by Joe Soll

The House with the Broken Two – A Birthmother Remembers – by Myrl Coulter

Following the Tambourine Man – A Birthmother’s Memoir – by Janet Mason Ellerby (2007)

The Primal Wound – Understanding the Adopted Child – by Nancy Newton Verrier

Unspeakable Gift – my homecoming by Carole Lauweryssen

Separated Lives by Lynn Assimacopoulos

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