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Community resources

Provincial Services

The following agencies offer search, support and counselling services for a fee.

FACES (Forever Adoption, Community and Education Services)

Website – Be sure to check out the meetup link and sign up for our next event!

Adoption (ABI) Society of Alberta
Phone: 780‑761‑0599
Email | Website

Edmonton Services

Adoption by Choice
Phone: 780‑448‑1159
Toll Free: 1‑800‑570‑2835
Email | Website

Adoption Options
Phone: 780‑433‑5656
Toll Free: 1‑800‑770‑3023
Email | Website

Catholic Social Services
Phone: 780‑432‑1137

Ensminger Consulting
Phone: 780‑944‑9626

Kimbereley Baker Counselling Services
Phone 780‑916‑6441

Métis Child & Family Services Society
Phone: 780‑638‑6544

Parent Finders

Shannon’s Research Services
Shannon Cherkowski
Phone: 780‑995‑2157
Email | Website

Calgary Services

Adoption by Choice
Phone: 403‑245‑8854
Toll Free: 1‑800‑570‑2835
Email | Website

Adoption Options
Phone: 403‑270‑8228
Email | Website

Phone: 403‑269‑9888

Colleen Clark
Phone: 403‑984‑2620
Email | Website

Inner Truth Counseling Services
Phone: 403‑809‑7064

Rise Counselling & Consulting
Phone: 403‑228‑7473

Red Deer Services

Nuway Consulting Services
Phone: 403‑341‑3773

Lethbridge Services

Val Scheck
Phone: 403‑329‑3513

Medicine Hat

Alice McNeil, RSW
Phone: 403‑979‑2210

National Services

Canadian Council of Natural Mothers

The Canadian Council of Natural Mothers (CCNM) provides:

  • Peer support for people separated by adoption
  • Support in search and reunion
  • On-line support (includes Facebook)
  • Discussion groups
  • Library of adoption related books
  • Search tips and links (across Canada and International membership)

Website | Alberta Contact: Sandra

Adoption Council of Canada

The Adoption Council of Canada (ACC) is the umbrella organization for adoption in Canada. Based in Ottawa, the ACC raises public awareness of adoption, promotes placement of waiting children and stresses the importance of post-adoption services. Check under the organizations link to see Canadian and United States resources, including private and government search organizations and registries.

Forget Me Not Family Society

The Forget Me Not Family Society is a non-profit adoption reunion support organization located in the Greater Vancouver Area of B.C. We offer peer support for all members of the adoption constellation, birth/natural/first mothers and fathers, as well as adopted adults and adoptive parents. We offer two support groups a month, one in New Westminster at the public library and one in Cloverdale at the public library. The FMNFS also publishes a quarterly newsletter, Adoption Circles, as well as hosts a yearly fall workshop. For more information please contact Marnie Tetz or check the website.

Life Span Counseling, Consulting and Mediation

Contact: Brenda McCreight, Ph.D., 250‑716‑9101 or learn more online.

ProTrace Services

ProTrace Services specializes in helping people reconnect with loved ones. They understand every situation/case is different, and take great pride in handling these potentially sensitive matters with the utmost integrity and confidence.

Contact: 604‑615‑8631 | Email
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