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Success Stories

Our Little Treasure

With our family all grown up and Grandchildren heading our way, we knew we had a lot to offer a child, so we opted to pursue adoption.

Embarking on the journey, and having fulfilled all the “red tape” requirements, we were offered a baby boy, which we excitedly agreed to.

Many months later, full of firsts – walking, talking, and birthday parties – we can honestly say this has been the most joyful, positive, and rewarding experience of our lives. We are so very proud of “our little treasure” and look forward to his bright and wonderful future.

We would love for our son to have a sibling around his age so he has someone to connect and share with, so we have decided to pursue another adoption. If this happens, that would be truly wonderful, and if not, well, that’s ok too.

— A very happy adoptive family indeed!

Sylvia’s Story

“Although the adoption process can be very long and hard; it is most definitely worth the time you put into it. Our family adopted a beautiful little girl two years of age. We have already celebrated one year together. It amazes me to see how quickly she fit into our family. I sometimes forget she was adopted. She has some disabilities but is growing out of a lot of them rapidly. I honestly feel all these children need is a family. Every human needs to belong. Therefore adoption is a very positive influence on many lives. Go for it, it’s worth it!”

— Sylvia, an Adoptive Mom

Ashley’s Story

“My daughter wrote a poem once and in it she said, “The most beautiful bouquets were ones picked from different gardens.” That is my family – a bouquet of people from different families, and we are beautiful.” (Read the rest of this heart-warming story.)

— Ashley, an Adoptive Mom

Carol’s Story

“Jessica continues to grow on me. It is hard to imagine life without her anymore. Adopting Jessica has been the most significant, satisfying thing that I have ever done with my life.”
“Being the independent, free spirited...person that I am, it has been so good for me to find my life wrapped inextricably with another’s. I don’t make decisions, dreams, and plans just for ME anymore. My responsibility to her and her future colours everything I do and think these days.”

“Her companionship and delightful little-girl personality repay me many times over for any sacrifices I might be making for her. I love hearing her dozens-a-day call of “Mother!” I love to listen to her animated chatter and notice how her growing mind works.” “I see great potential in her, and I love to see that potential begin to waken and stretch its young wings...” (Read more of this mom’s thoughts.)

— Carol, an Adoptive Mom

The Rose’s Story

The Rose’s Little Miracle

Photo of the Rose FamilyAs a family we decided we would adopt a boy. It was the right thing to do for our family. We filled out the paper work, which gives Social Services some feel of who you are. We got the Police Check done and waited for the adoption course.

The adoption course was approximately 32 hrs of instruction, which was very informative. It really made us think about whether this was the right decision for our family.

A few months later we had our home assessment completed. This consisted of a few home visits which can be rather intrusive, but are very necessary to give Social Services more family background, Social Interaction, etc.

Once the Home Assessment Report is finished and reviewed by Social Services you wait for them to match you up with a child. With in a few months we were offered 2 siblings. We took some time to make a decision, which was a very difficult one for our family. Unfortunately at that time we felt that taking on 2 children was not possible at that point in time. We then waited for another child to be matched up with our family. Within 6 months we had been shown the most beautiful (handsome) little boy. Everything we heard about him appealed to us and appeared to be well suited for our family.

Once we felt comfortable with all the background information we preceded with the visitation with Kristopher. This consisted with just the 2 of us at the beginning, then after a couple of visits we were able to take our children with us to meet Kristopher. This was followed by a weekend visit with Kristopher coming to our home and feeling comfortable with his prospective new family. We let Kristopher pick out his own door for his new bedroom that he thought was just great. That also would give him a feeling belonging and something to call his own when he would arrive permanently. The following week Kristopher arrived and took up residence with his forever family.

The adoption was final within 6 months. We have a son who is a very happy little boy and well adjusted and a big part of our family. It seems like he has been here for ever which reinforces that we made the right decision adopting Kristopher. The whole process took less than 2 years, but our new son will reap the benefits of a family for the rest of his life. The transition from foster home to their forever home can be very stressful and difficult for all families involved. With the support of extended family and friends on both sides with make the transition successful and done with ease.

We would also like to mention that we hope anyone in the process of adopting, that they would take their time to make sure that the child they are hoping to adopt as their own is well suited to their needs and also most importantly to the child’s needs. We feel we did this and that is why we have had such a successful adoption. We would like to tell all of you who are thinking about adopting a child to follow your heart. There are a lot of wonderful children waiting for a “forever-family” full of love and laughter to call their own.

Good luck and God Bless.
The Roses

John and I

I have always loved to be around children and foster parenting was something I had wanted to try for a long time. I grew up in a large family of 10 children and have successfully overcome many challenges in my life. I always believed in my heart that I could use my experiences to help children. In 1996 my husband John and I had our first baby, a beautiful boy named Christopher. We had waited a long time for this day to come and enthusiastically started our journey of parenting. Since I was going to stay home for at least 6 years to raise our son, I suggested to my husband that maybe we could try foster parenting. We started to take all the required classes and in April 1997 our home became an “approved” foster home.

In April of 1997 when Christopher was just 7 months old we welcomed the first two children into our foster home. Patrick (4 years) and Leslie (6 years) were siblings and lived with us for just under a year. Patrick and Leslie did very well in our home and we grew to love the kids very much. When they went back home to live with their mother we missed them but were happy they were able to reunite with their mom. The social worker told us that it was possible that these two children could end up back in care and then possibly up for adoption. John and I discussed whether or not we would consider adopting Patrick and Leslie. After a very short discussion we decided yes, we would seriously consider adopting the two children if we ever had the opportunity.

After Patrick and Leslie left we continued to welcome other children into our home. Over the next couple of years the children that came into our home included a 6-year-old girl, who also stayed for a year, and another baby who stayed with us for another year. Each of the children that came into our home taught us more and more about parenting. We learned about the value of consistency with children and how the simple things in life like attention, love, good nourishment and laughter are important to all of us. We enjoyed foster parenting and were always were able to see so much improvement in the children after living in our home. Every child has a special uniqueness about it. Through our experience with being foster parents we discovered how natural it is to bond with children even if they are not biologically your own.

In 1999 we found out from another Foster Parent that a 2-year-old little girl named Janie was about to become a Permanent ward of the Government (PGO) and would be going up for adoption. We started to visit Janie in September and we all just seemed to click. Janie has the most beautiful eyes and the sweetest smile. Janie was not a very active child and she used to like to sit on my knee for long periods of time and just observe everything around her. She loved to laugh with our son Christopher and she even loved our family dog. Though we were told that Janie was developmentally delayed and had other health issues we could always see her potential and knew Janie would blossom in our home.

In January of 2000 we proceeded with our interest in adoption and Janie was named our “child desired”. If we were not chosen as Janie’s family we were prepared to take another child because we know there are lots of children in care that need “forever homes”. We at last found out Janie was truly meant to be ours and July 1, 2000 we became her very proud parents. Our son Christopher was 3 years old at the time and was just thrilled to have a little sister. The process of adopting was very exciting, emotional and seemed to take forever but it was all so worth it.

We took a year off from fostering and then decided to open our home again. By this time our children were well settled and excited about the thought of taking care of another baby. We took care of one 5 month old baby for 2 months, and then a baby 3 days old for two weeks during the waiting period for another family’s pre approved adoption. This little girl and boy touched our hearts and reawakened our strong desire to have another child. We thought this time we would ask to be considered for a newborn child.

In September 2001 we contacted the adoption office and had our completed application back in the office by November. Around this time I heard on the radio that there was an Adoption Fair going on that weekend. When we were adopting our daughter Janie we looked in the adoption books to see if maybe Patrick and Leslie were in there too, but they were not in the picture books. Over the last 4 years we had always thought about these first two children that had come into our home. We always wondered if we would ever hear from Patrick and Leslie again. I asked my husband if we should take one last look to see if these children may still be in care and possibly available for adoption. John and I decided to go to the Adoption Fair and see if we could find out anything new about these 2 very special children. Our whole family went to the Adoption Fair including a beautiful 7-month-old boy we had been fostering in our home for several months.

We looked through all the pictures at the Adoption Fair and nothing came up so we started talking to an adoption worker named Fran Wildman. We told Fran how we had been wondering about Patrick and Leslie for years and wanted to take one last look for these children before putting our application in for a newborn child. We knew by this time Patrick and Leslie would have been 8 and 10 years old. Fran took our information and said she would call us by Monday morning and let us know if these children were back in care and whether they could be considered for adoption.

Monday morning finally came and Fran called us at 9:00 AM and gave us Patrick and Leslie’s social worker’s phone number. I can’t tell you how excited, happy and scared I felt all at the same time! I called the Social Worker that day told her our story. Several emotional months of waiting followed that phone call. In June 2002, Patrick and Leslie finally came home for good and now our family feels complete.

The last year has been a huge transition for all of us but the challenges have only deepened our bond and made the good times all that much more sweet. The support from every one involved has been incredible and without all this support we know it could have never happened the way it did. I get so emotional when I think about our beautiful children. If you asked me today which of my children are adopted I would have to stop and think. You see in my mind I know that three of my four children were not born through me but in my heart and they were all meant to be with John and I. I can’t tell you that Adoption hasn’t come without struggles but it has all been worth it and what we’ve gained is immeasurable. Our many thanks to all the Staff from Ma’mowe Capital Region for all your support then and now. We all thank you for helping us to find each other and become the family we are today. Our family is complete (well at least I think it is!).

P.S. The little boy that was with us the day we went to Adoption Fair has since been adopted into a beautiful family. It turns out his Mom and Dad were at that Adoption Fair at the same time we were and we probably passed each other that day.

*The names in our story have been changed to protect the children’s anonymity.

A Match Made in Heaven

A “Match Made in Heaven” that begins with two little boys and a family that wants to adopt. Read their story.

ONE of our Adoption Stories

Photo of a success adoption familyI promised I wouldn’t look any more at the Adoption Website after the last adoption, but I did. We had done an international adoption, and we adopted our daughter, who we had since she was a 3 day old baby, but we hadn’t adopted children who were featured on the website. There were two of the saddest, loneliest faces. Twin boys. But maybe they were too young for us? We thought and thought and prayed and prayed and decided we HAD to enquire. If we were told NO, then so be it.

Meeting the adoption worker was great. We were really apprehensive at first but she was awesome, and we loved her straight away. She listened to our hopes and concerns and was with us every step of the way.

We loved the “process” of integrating the kids into our home. First, we read all the information on the twins. We were asked if we were ok so far, and even though we felt apprehensive we were pretty sure that was normal - we hoped! We decided to go to the next stage – meeting the twins.

We visited the boys in the foster home every day for about 8 days. On our first meeting I was more nervous than going to the dentist! I kept telling myself, “This is stupid. They are 3 1/2 yr olds!!” When we walked in they hid. They were very quiet, nervous kids. I was a bit shocked. I don’t know what I expected but not that. We were introduced as Mommy and Daddy. They didn’t want to even sit with “Mommy”. I could have cried. Then they were asked, “What about Daddy, do you want to sit with him?” Well, Daniel was on his knee in a flash. Daddy played with Daniel and Alex came round and played too. I thought, “They hate me!” Then Alex came up to me and pulled my arm to bend down, so he could whisper to me. ”Yes?” I said. “You are my Mommy,” he whispered. The lump in my throat was a big as a baseball! But I couldn’t cry, or I’d scare the kids!! We had a short visit and left.

Next day we went again and it was priceless. The foster mom took us on to the deck where the twins were playing with the other foster kids. I walked out first as she said “Hey, look who’s here guys!” and they looked up and said in rather a flat note “Oh, its Mommy,” and continued to play. Then Daddy walked out onto the deck. My goodness what a reaction! “Hey, look,” they called with squeals of delight. “Look, this is OUR DADDY,” they yelled, jumping up and down, showing him off to the other kids. It was certainly a turning moment for us both. Malcolm and I were both choked up. We knew then that these were our kids. They were meant to be with our family!

The visiting week went great, and the worker was brilliant, assisting us in any way we needed her. The twins moved home, and our other kids loved them immediately.

Going for this third adoption we were a little worried and hesitant at times. We are only human, right? What if the kids don’t like us? What if we don’t like them? All the normal questions go running through your minds. Then you get friends saying “ANOTHER adoption?? You must be mad! Why would you do this?? You already have 6 kids!!” Over the years we have now perfected our answer to those that enquire of us, “Why would you?” We say, “Why wouldn’t you?”

Now we find ourselves a year down the line since those first days. As I look back, in the beginning it wasn’t without the odd tantrum and squealing session. But they finally got the message that we don’t do that in this family! Today they are the happiest, smiliest kids you could wish for. They are learning new things every day and doing great at school. They laugh so hard (they belly laugh!) they make us all laugh. They do normal boy stuff. They are a joy to be around. Strangers say how great all my kids are - and I know it’s true! We have had such a positive experience with adoption we are doing it again! One last time before they tell us we are too old!

All the kids out there want is to belong, to have a mom and dad, a home, and their own bed. They don’t ask for riches, just unconditional love. If I were to die tomorrow and I was asked what my best accomplishments were on this earth, I’d say marrying my husband, having my kids and adopting my four little kids (and any others they will let me have).

The joy our family gets from watching their faces as they come running to the door when Daddy gets in from work to show him they got new pajamas or new shoes today is priceless. The excitement as we go out on vacation or to a movie makes your heart swell. Small acts of kindness to our kids reap huge rewards.

Malcolm and I would encourage anyone to adopt. Asked one time about how we could love an adopted child the same as one you gave birth to, our answer was “there is honestly no difference”. Your birth children grow in your tummy, your adopted children grow in your heart. We are truly blessed that these children were guided to our family and we hope we can have a few more!

Yvonne and Malcolm
Mike, Ethan, McKayla, Alex and Daniel

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