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Licensed Adoption Agency Services

There are four non-government, non-profit agencies that have been granted authority to arrange private adoptions in Alberta and to assist with international adoptions. These agencies are licensed by Alberta Children’s Services and must comply with the requirements set out in the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act and Adoption Regulations.

Birth parents may choose to place their child for adopiton through a licensed adoption agency. These children do not have any legal status with Alberta Children’s Services. The agency may also approve adoptive families using the same screening and Home Study Report requirements as government adoptions. They keep an inventory of approved homes and prepare court documents for adoption finalization.

The four licensed agencies can also provide assistance with international adoptions. They can provide the International Adoption Application form, provide pre-adoption training, prepare a Home Study Report, and complete follow-up visits when necessary to finalize the adoption. They can help prepare the adoption dossier, and in cases where the adoption is being finalized in Alberta, they can assist in the preparation of the court package and filing process.

Agencies charge the adoptive parents a fee for their services.

Modified: 2017-09-20
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