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Private Adoption

Direct Placement, Spousal or Relative Adoption –  if you are interested in the adoption of the child of a spouse or relative, or if there is a privately made agreement to place a child between birth and adoptive families who know each other and are making all their own arrangements.

Licensed Adoption Agencies – if you wish to apply to one of the private licensed adoption agencies in Alberta to adopt a child in an open adoption placement.

Direct Placement, Spousal/Step Parent or Relative Adoption

Image of a familyDirect Placement includes Spousal/Step Parent and Relative adoptions (eg. grandchild, niece, nephew, great niece or nephew, etc.) and may be processed by the applicants themselves by printing the Adoption Self-Help Kit. A pre-printed copy of the kit is also available through the Queen’s Printer for a small fee. These adoptions may also be processed by a lawyer. The services of a private licensed adoption agency may be used to assist in preparing the court document package.

Applicants prepare their own court file using the guide and document samples contained in the Self Help Kit. Adoption Services must be served with a copy of the adoption court file through a designated caseworker at the Child and Family Services Authority, or Delegated First Nation Agency in their area.

After Children’s Services receives notice about the adoption hearing, the records are checked to determine whether there is a child protection concern about the applicant(s). If there is a concern, the Court is notified, and a report on the concerns may be prepared. The birth parents may request, or the judge may order, the applicant(s) to undergo a Home Study.

Applicants are responsible for all costs including court costs, document costs and payment for a Home Study Report if one is required.

Legal Advice

Families who are involved in an adoption where they require legal information may call this toll free number (1‑800‑661‑1095), explain what they need and ask for a lawyer referral. They will be given the names and contact information of three lawyers who deal with Family Law issues and who will provide a free half hour consultation. Issues may include legal consents, document completion, filing issues, guardianship or court procedures.

Licensed Adoption Agencies

Adoption By Choice

250, 3115-12th Street NE
Calgary AB T2E 7J2
Telephone: 403‑245‑8854
Fax: 403‑245‑8897

Program Director: Ramone Kindrat, BSW, RSW

Toll Free Number: 1‑800‑570‑2835


Scotia Place, Tower 1
10060 Jasper Avenue, Suite 2020
Edmonton AB T5J 3R8
Telephone: 780‑448‑1159
Contact: Sheila Feehan, MSW, RSW

Adoption Options

#304, 10109-106 Street
Edmonton AB T5J 3L7
Telephone: 780‑433‑5656
Fax: 780‑447‑4763

Toll Free Number: 1‑800‑770‑3023


#207, 5940 MacLeod Trail S
Calgary AB T2H 2G4
Telephone: 403‑270‑8228
Fax: 403‑270‑3929

Executive Director: Sheryl Proulx, BSW, RSW
Program Director – International Adoptions: Elizabeth Gifford, BSW, RSW

Christian Adoption Services

#201B, 9705 Horton Road SW
Calgary AB T2V 2X5
Telephone: 403‑256‑3224
Fax: 403‑256‑8367

Program Director: Tandela Swann, MSW, RSW

Toll Free Number: 1-877-256-3224


Program Director, Edmonton: Kathryn Williams, MSW, RSW
Edmonton Telephone: 780‑438‑3455

Small Miracles Adoption

2020, Tower 1, 10060 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton AB T5J 3R8
Telephone: 780‑421‑1177
Fax: 780‑665‑4901

Program Director: Edie Pendleton, BSW, RSW

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