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Legal Advice – Lawyer Referral Service: 1‑800‑661‑1095 or 403‑228‑1722 in Calgary. Families who are involved in an adoption and require legal information may call this toll-free number to explain what they need and ask for a lawyer referral.

Adoption Council of Canada

Supports for Adoptive Families in Alberta (Canada’s Waiting Kids)

Alberta Justice – Contact for document authentications or notarial certificates

Queen’s Printer – Contact for self-help kits to complete Direct Placement, Relative, Spousal/Step Parent and Adult adoptions.

MOTHERISK – Information about the safety or risk of drugs, chemicals and disease during pregnancy and lactation. General information about how children are affected.

Adoption Clinic (Edmonton and Calgary) – A resource for families before and after the adoption of children with special needs and children adopted internationally. For more information see the Edmonton Adoption Clinic brochure and the Calgary Adoption Clinic brochure.

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