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Depending on the type of adoption you have chosen, there are forms that must be completed in order to begin the adoption process.

Select the form that applies to your situation. If you need assistance to complete them, there are instructions included with each form.

Application to Provide Legal Permanency Non-Child Specific/General Match
If the child is in the permanent care of the Alberta government. This form is also available from your nearest Child and Family Services office or Delegated First Nation Agency.

If you are planning a private direct, spousal/relative adoption or adult adoption, you can purchase the necessary forms from the Queen’s Printer. You may also print the Adoption Self-Help Kit here.

Consent forms for finalization of a direct or spousal/relative adoption are available below:

International Adoption Application (ADOP2777)
This form is also available from any licensed private adoption agency, or by emailing your request to have the form mailed to you. Please include your complete mailing address in your request.

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