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Success Stories

Some of the families whose lives have been touched by special needs adoption have shared their stories here. It is our hope that celebrating special needs adoptions in this way will help and encourage other families in their own adoption success story.

If you would like to tell your story or share a picture of your family, please contact Adoption Services at or your Adoption Worker for more information.

We welcome your “Success Story”.

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Adoptive Parents Tell Us...

“Adoption is like a roller coaster ride – at points you are so excited you have tears and at other points you want to throw up, but it makes life exciting! We never realized how much was missing from our lives until we met one little boy who changed everything and made us more complete. Waiting again for our next adoption is challenging because now we know what we are missing. People have got to take the chance!! Children are totally worth it!! Adoption has forever changed our lives for the better and people just need to open their hearts and be ready for an awesome experience!!” – Adoptive Mom

“Adoption was not my first choice until I walked into the adoption fair. Then I realized it was the best choice as I felt my heart opening up. Going to the fair changed our lives! Definitely we are going to adopt again.” – Adoptive Dad

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