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Frequently Asked Questions


Show Answer How much does the process of adopting one of Alberta's waiting children cost?

There are no costs to the applicant in applying, becoming approved, or being placed for adoption with a child, other than obtaining medical examinations, Criminal Record Checks, and perhaps in obtaining Vital Statistics documents (e.g. Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate).

Show Answer Can I meet the children before I decide to adopt them, and how is this done?

No. To protect the child from potential rejection and related issues, the matching and placement process involves meeting the child as a later step. The first step is having an official match made. This involves a child’s worker and a family’s worker agreeing that a match is promising, and that exploring it more fully with the adoptive family is appropriate.

After receiving all available information about the child, the family then advises if they wish to proceed to placement of the child. A pre-placement schedule then sets out when the family will first meet the child, and when the child will actually transition into their home and care. Depending on the age and needs of the child, the schedule can be a few contacts over a few days, or many contacts over several weeks.

Show Answer Who should I contact to get started, or to find out more about adoption of Alberta's waiting children?

As adoption intake services are delivered by individual regions, the fastest way to get the contact information for the office in your area is by emailing, or calling: 780‑644‑8214.

Show Answer How long will it take to be placed with my adoptive child(ren)?

Once approved, wait times are extremely variable and cannot be predicted. Families open to children who are older, who have more profound needs, or are part of a larger sibling group may be among those matched more quickly.

Show Answer Do I have to allow access between my adopted child and their birth family?

No, but each situation is individual. In some cases, access between a child and their birth family has been terminated, and there is no expectation that access should or will occur after adoptive placement. In others, an adoptive family’s openness to maintaining birth family connections is an important consideration in matching them to a child.

Show Answer Can I get more information about a child featured on the Adoption Website?

Yes, but only if you are already an approved adoptive family for Alberta’s waiting children. Alberta’s privacy legislation strictly protects personal information, and waiting children’s information can only be shared with specific people under specific circumstances. If you are interested in a child from the website, your interest will be registered. Should you become approved, and the child remains available for adoption matching at that time, our interest can be explored. It is at this time that you will be able to receive more information about a child.

Show Answer When can I get all of a child's background information?

When a child’s caseworker has selected your family as a match for that child, and wishes to explore placement of that child with you, a process of full information disclosure is undertaken. The child’s functioning, history, and needs are shared. You may also meet with people and professionals who know the child, such as foster parents, teachers, doctors, and (sometimes) family members. This allows a family to decide if they feel ready and able to commit to being placed with the child, given the information they have been provided.

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