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Adopting Alberta Children

Adoption Eligibility and Requirements

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Applying to Adopt
Requirements for Approval to Adopt

Adoption Profiles Lookup

The children whose pictures and information you will see on our Profiles Lookup page are ready to be part of an adoptive family. You can read through profiles of the children and then tell us if you are interested in finding out more about specific children, or get more information about the adoption application process by clicking on the link to Send Us A Message at the end of each child’s profile.

The Alberta Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act, indicates that to be eligible to apply for adoption in Alberta, Canada, you must be a resident of Alberta at the time of application, approval and placement. It is our policy to place children from Alberta with families in Alberta, in order for the children to maintain family and cultural connections, as well as those to friends, schools, and professional assistance. Placement outside Alberta will only be considered if a child’s worker is unsuccessful in securing a suitable permanent placement in Alberta, and the casework team agrees that it is in the child’s best interests to expand the search for options. Relatives or families who have a significant pre-existing relationship with a child in the permanent care of Alberta Children’s Services, and reside in another province in Canada, will be considered when searching for a permanent placement.

Wednesday’s Child

The Wednesday’s Child Program is a cooperative initiative between Alberta Children’s Services and CTV Television, that features some of the children in Alberta who are ready to be adopted. One minute videos are shown on CTV in Edmonton and Calgary, and added to the children’s profiles that you can find on their Profile Lookup page. Check dates and see the videos on this page.

Adoptive Parents Tell Us...

“Adoption is like a roller coaster ride – at points you are so excited you have tears and at other points you want to throw up, but it makes life exciting! We never realized how much was missing from our lives until we met one little boy who changed everything and made us more complete. Waiting again for our next adoption is challenging because now we know what we are missing. People have got to take the chance!! Children are totally worth it!! Adoption has forever changed our lives for the better and people just need to open their hearts and be ready for an awesome experience!!” – Adoptive Mom

“Adoption was not my first choice until I walked into the adoption fair. Then I realized it was the best choice as I felt my heart opening up. Going to the fair changed our lives! Definitely we are going to adopt again.” – Adoptive Dad

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