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Victims of Family Violence New Construction and Renovation Program

The Alberta Government’s Victims of Family Violence New Construction and Renovation Program provides $6.15 million ($4.1 million in 2016/17 and $2.05 million in 2017/18) to support the construction and renovation of off-reserve shelters and transition housing for victims of family violence.

The program is intended to address priority capacity issues and the need for additional shelter and transition housing (second stage shelter) spaces to ensure families fleeing violence have a safe, secure and healthy environment over two years. Building stronger families and communities is one of the Government of Alberta’s priorities.

This program is made possible through an agreement with the federal government.

Expression of Interest

The Alberta Government is currently accepting proposals in order to identify potential projects to support the allocation of the $6.15 million over two years.

The deadline to apply is 2:00 pm MT on Tuesday, February 14, 2017.

Who can submit a Proposal?

Not-for-profit organizations, which currently operate or propose to operate an off-reserve shelter or transition house (second stage shelter), for victims of family violence.

Eligibility and Assessment Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated against the following in order of priority and available funding:

  1. Organizations that demonstrate the capacity to deliver women shelter and/or family violence prevention programming in Alberta;
  2. Renovations and repairs which address fire, health and safety issues in existing facilities. This is to ensure the number of available spaces is maintained, and facilities are safe and appropriate for women and children served and for staff; and
  3. In the case of construction of a new facility, business case demonstrating need, evidence of community engagement and consultation, appropriate municipal approvals and zoning so that construction can commence as per timelines noted below and approved source of funding to address operating costs.

This funding investment is expected to support the construction or renovation of shelter spaces in Alberta serving victims of family violence. Cosmetic renovations are not eligible for funding under this program.

Proposal Deadline

Proposals are to be submitted by email or hard copy by 2:00 pm MT on Tuesday, February 14, 2017, to either:

Christine Ferbey, Director
Housing and Homeless Supports – North Region
Alberta Human Services
3rd floor, 10044-108 Street
Edmonton AB T5J 5E6
Phone: 780-422-6492
Cell : 780-910-3915

Sharon Blackwell, Director
Housing and Homeless Supports – South Region
Alberta Human Services
301, 7015 MacLeod Trail South
Calgary AB T2H 2K6
Phone: 403-297-3196
Cell: 403-815-2379

Late or incomplete proposals will not be considered. To be considered complete, a proposal must

  1. Detail the renovation or new construction of the shelter or transition housing for victims of family violence. This includes a detailed budget with a minimum of two quotes of proposed project costs (consideration for one quote given where there is a limited rural market) and proponent contribution to the project.
  2. Be received from an eligible organization and be signed by the person with designated authority for the organization.
  3. Demonstrate the capacity to commence construction within three months of receiving the funding and be completed within two years.


Funding will be distributed in the form of a grant agreement, which will define the conditions of the funding, scope of the project, expected outcomes and reporting requirements.

All applicants will be informed in writing of the outcome of their proposal. All decisions regarding the Expression of Interest are final.

Additional Information

For more information read Human Services Guidelines: Victims of Family Violence New Construction and Renovation Program.

If you have further questions or require additional clarification, please contact Christine Ferbey or Sharon Blackwell or read our Questions & Answers.

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